Managing Program Windows in OS X and Windows 10

Managing Program Windows in OS X and Windows 10

16:55 09 May in Digital Research Tricks

As someone who works with multiple word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and web browsers simultaneously, window management is a real issue. Windows 10 has “snap assist” which automatically resizes and arranges up to four windows to fit your screen. This is especially helpful for anyone who wants to take full advantage of large desktop monitors.

Apple devices, it pains me to say, don’t do this very well. OS X instead creates full screen windows and encourages you to switch between them. This might work for some people, but I find that it creates a lot of wasted screen space where I could instead view additional windows.

Code-rage software sells a little program called Zooom/2 for $19.95 USD which allows you to completely control your windows. Instead of grabbing the top of a window to move it around, you hold down a key or two (you can customize the keys), mouse over the window you want to move, and the window attaches to your mouse. Hit another couple of keys, mouse over the same window, and you can resize the window without having to grab its bottom right-hand corder.

In addition, Zooom/2 also has a “magnetic” function which makes it easy to snap any window to a grid. The grid itself, can be customized to divide you screen into any number of columns or rows.

You can download a fully-functioning demo of Zooom/2 for free. When you launch for the first time, the software shows you to make it work. You can watch a demonstration video here.


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