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Turn hours of manually sorting research photographs into minutes of keyboard time!

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Use the power of QR codes to automate photo organizing

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Built for researchers in the field

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Confero's CSV functionality makes sorting and analyzing thousands of trail camera images a snap!

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Cameras, cell phones and scanners all produce sequentially numbered image files that are hard to distinguish from each other. Organizing these images into intelligible groups can take hours or even days. Confero reduces this work to minutes of keyboard time! Every discipline or hobby uses different technologies and, consequently, has different needs.  If you work with images, you’ll want Confero!

Powerful Batch Sorting Options

Group your images into useful sets by using QR codes, time stamps, or GPS coordinates.

Automate File Naming

Confero can automatically name your files by batch naming your sets using your images’ EXIF data or by extracting the data contained in QR codes. If you need a more advanced batch naming functionality, use Confero to export your images’ EXIF data to a CSV file where you can use formulas to create complex name formulas.

Work with JPGs, TIFFs and PDFs

Take the JPGs or TIFFS from your cameras or scanners. Unlike most programs that only allow you to export one group of images at a time in a single format, Confero’s export windows makes it easy to quickly share or backup your images by creating multipage PDFs and / or exporting JPGs or TIFFS  to set directories.

Advanced Features

Confero is packed with additional features. Batch rotating a set of images, or rotating every image in the session is a snap. It automatically detects duplicate set-names and highlights the rows to facilitate quick corrections. Users can also use the CSV functionality to perform advanced sorting and analysis of their images.

Confero runs on Windows™ and OS X™

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