Confero FAQ

When I run Confero I get an error message saying “Unable to load Java Runtime Environment” or “Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.”

Confero requires the latest version of Java™. You can download the latest version at


Confero missed a QR code during the sorting process and including them in my image sets. What happened?

Confero’s search algorithm occasionally misses a QR code.  For better performance consult our User Guides.


I run more than one operating system.  Do I need to purchase multiple copies of Confero?

No. Your serial key will work with Mac and PC versions of Confero. Keep in mind that your license limits you to two Confero installations at once.


Why does Confero create a second PDF when I have a document larger than 500 pages?

Creating PDFs of over 500 pages is too memory intensive for some home computers.  In the future Confero will allow users to select a page limit.


I have a brilliant idea for Confero. Can I send it to you?

Yes.  We always welcome user feedback.  Please send suggestions for future releases to:


Does Confero’s JPG compression degrade the image quality?

Confero preserves your original jpegs when it sorts them into separate directories.  The PDFs have a slightly lower resolution and color profile. The average user, however, will not notice any degradation.


How can I contact Waterloo Innovations?

For technical support contact:

For site license inquiries contact: