Announcing Digital Research Tricks

Announcing Digital Research Tricks

10:26 16 October in Digital Research Tricks

topc-1243590Welcome to the inaugural post of the “Digital Research Tricks” blog.

Whether you’re a scientist using a telescope or critter-camera, or historian, genealogist, or archeologist using a point and shoot camera or cellphone to capture your data, digital technologies allow us to capture thousands of images at little to no cost. Most digital humanities sites focus on material that is already digitized and offer little help to those who have to produce their own images and metadata.

This blog is different. Over the coming months, we will focus on the ideas, best-practices, tools, workflows, and costs associated with photographing / digitizing research. Sometimes the blogs will focus on particular disciplines. Other times, we’ll tackle challenges common to multiple fields. In the process, we will begin building a common multidisciplinary research technology hardware and software guide. Readers should be aware that, unless otherwise stated, we have no affiliation with the products discussed, and we receive no compensation for their promotion.



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Dan Heidt

Dan obtained his history PhD from Western University in 2014, and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Trent University. His studies led him to innovate new and efficient techniques to economize academic research. As a co-founder if WI he continues to hone photography, organizing and analyzing strategies for social science, humanities, and science researchers. Over the years, he worked or co-supervised half a dozen Research Assistants. His research to-date has taken him to over a dozen archives located across Canada, the United States and England.

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