Confero turns hours of organizing your research images into minutes of keyboard time

Confero’s Features List

  • Powerful automated sorting options include: QR codes, time stamps, and GPS coordinates
  • Use batch processes to quickly name files
  • Collate JPGs or TIFFs created by any device
  • Duplicate name detection
  • Flexible batch rotate functions
  • Output your images’ Exif data to a spreadsheet to perform advanced analysis and sorting
  • Unlike other programs, Confero exports compressed PDFs and backs-up your original images in separate directories with the same name
  • Preserve your images by converting them into TIFFs

Need some help with your research? Check out these how-to videos:

Learn how to sort thousands of research images automatically

Use QR codes to save yourself hours of work.

Speed up your scanning workflow

Use Confero’s CSV functionality to perform complex sorts on your research images

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